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A verbal statement of warranty is not nearly good enough. Get it in writing before you commit to a purchase Insist upon a full written warranty including what costs are NOT covered by the warranty
Are details of the warranty openly displayed on both the web site and sales documents?

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Many successful embroidery companies, manufacturers and work-wear suppliers in Australia & New Zealand have chosen Barudan - not because it is the cheapest machine on the market but because Barudan provides a great return on investment. That means at least 10 years of solid, reliable, high quality embroidery production with minimum running costs long after your finance has been paid out. There are many Barudan machines in full production today that are well in excess of 15 years old and performing very much like they did on day one.

If you’re just starting out or planning to expand an existing

business, take some time to check out what machines are

being used by leading embroidery businesses and work-

wear suppliers.

They’ve already done the research and testing and some even got their fingers badly burned but now they have found the best solution ….. an embroidery machine that that has been proven to work reliably, profitably and with very high quality for years after the lease has been paid out.

The Most Popular Barudan Embroidery

Machine Models

Master Machine Builders since 1959 Made in Ichinomiya, Japan Assembled by hand Fully tested before shipping Delivered to your premises Full set-up at your premises Operator training at your premises Free telephone support Extreme reliability from solid state electronic control systems designed and built by Barudan
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Extra narrow cylinder bed for superior performance on pockets, stubby coolers Etc Excellent cap frame p[erformance and designs. Change over time from garments to caps in about 40 seconds per head. New Smart-Head Technology Positive needle bar drive allows stitching on a wide variety of fabrics from silk to leather. Easy to use, reliable Barudan software Brilliant stitch quality on fine lettering, caps, garments and flat work. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Some conditions apply*) 7 Year Warranty (Some conditions apply*) 7 Year Stitch Quality Warranty (Some conditions apply*)
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Barudan Embroidery Machines
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It‘s No Accident That Barudan Is The Number One Selling

Commercial Embroidery Machine In Australia.

Barudan Machines Have Provided Outstanding Reliability & Performance Throughout A Wide Range of Industries In Australia & New Zealand For Almost 40 years. From Small Start-ups To Our Largest Embroidery Businesses & Work-wear Suppliers. You Will Not Find A More Solid Return On Your Embroidery Equipment Investment $ Than Barudan.
The latest Barudan K series models are……….. well, it’s like comparing a new mobile phone with a first generation ‘brick phone’. Not so long ago, embroiderers would avoid caps orders like the plague. But that all changed when they started using the new Barudan K series and the all new lock-lever cap frames. The new cap frame makes changeover from garments to caps and back again so easy and so quick.
That’s because Barudan are experts in cap embroidery. Barudan was the first embroidery machine manufacturer to design and build cap frames and a special cylinder bed machine just for caps.

There’s No Other Machine That Compares To A Barudan

For Cap Embroidery

Our specialist embroidery sales and technical support staff have more than 35 years of industry knowledge and experience that has earned us a solid reputation that we're proud of and work hard to maintain. But we can’t take all the credit because winning customers for life with a great machine like Barudan is not so hard. We think our staff are the best in the industry but the truth is that Barudan machines that perform well and produce high quality work day-after-day in successful businesses all over Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji and New Caledonia, do most of the convincing for us.
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Barudan Embroidery Machines

Often Imitated But Never Equalled

The Choice Of Australia’s Leading Embroidery &

Work-Wear Suppliers For More Than 40 years.

Are you tired of making excuses because your embroidery machine let you down AGAIN? Are you losing customers because you can’t match the quality your competitors produce so easily? Is your blood pressure sky-rocketing because you can’t get the help or technical support you were promised when you purchased?
Barudan Embroidery Machines

Give Your Embroidery

Business A head &

Shoulders Advantage Over

The Competition

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